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We Were Tired of Poor Quality, Imported Goods…

In 2018, Stronghold started up as a family operation to provide high quality, well-sewn products for everyday items such as pet vests, collars, and other protective wear that required a certain level of durability. Our goal was to re-engineer products with stronger materials to protect from outside elements. 

As we learned more about protecting materials from moisture and dirt while still maintaining their toughness, we were led to the TV cover market. If anything could benefit from the work we had done in creating tough, weather-resistant materials, it was televisions.

Stronghold Accessories have patented the weather resistant hood, seamless top, and Velcro bottom enclosure. We precision cut our heavy-duty outdoor TV covers with a laser, and use a long-arm double needle sewing machine to maximize efficiency and quality.

Our Heavy-Duty Outdoor TV Covers are made in the USA from a coated polyester that is water resistant, durable, and UV treated to avoid fading.

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